Well, I’ll Be

I had a real nice conversation tonight with a new found cousin, Say-rah (aka Sarah) from Oklahoma, who just so happens to be related to me in about 52 different ways. What a delight! We certainly share the gift of gab if nothing else. Oh, and by the way, she loves Cemetery Hoppin’ about as much as I do! Yep, we’ve decided we “am” kin… :D

As soon as I am able to get a few things fleshed out that she has sent my way (lots of Beasley and Tart info), I hope to update the Family Reports. That hasn’t been done in quite a while so you folks should find loads of new info once that happens.

I was also contacted by descendants of Kitty Langdon Williams (03/02/1889 – 03/14/1964), daughter of Willis Carroll and Delia Thompson Langdon. Thanks to their willingness to share info, we are going to be able to flesh out that family as well. Good things happening all around.

Pops has had a rough couple of days with pain in his legs. We are beginning to think that perhaps his chloresterol medicine is affecting his legs. His cousin, Barbara, found out a while back that she cannot take statins due to severe pain it causes in her legs and I had the very same problem. Our doctors finally had to move us to meds that do not contain statins. Pops has been suffering with the pain in his legs for quite some time now and we were attributing it to the hernia. Now with it happening in both legs and being so bad, we are wondering about the idea of the statins. To be on the safe side, he has stopped his medication until he sees the surgeon on Tuesday. Please continue to pray and I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great day tomorrow and find lots of reasons to smile!

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  1. Sarah Wheatley Says:

    Yes we did have a nice conversation. I did so enjoy it. You have been busy since – the information looks good. I have found more information for you and will be sending it soon. There may be more than 52 ways to be related.


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