Lesson Learned

One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is that people don’t always turn out to be who you think they are. They aren’t always as kind to you as you are to them or as willing to value you as a friend or even a person. Trusting someone who turns out not to be worthy of that trust can be very painful. Especially when there is no apparent reason for a disrespectful attitude toward you.

The thing to remember is that, no matter how wronged you may feel, it is never reason enough to treat that individual as less of a person. Stand up for yourself but don’t sink to their level and don’t allow this bad experience to affect your relationship with anyone else.

I’ve had to face this truth recently and I am working very hard to remain within the boundaries of my values as I deal with someone who has disillusioned me so very much. I pray for God’s grace to deal with both this individual and this situation in a way that respects the person that I am.

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