Ta Daaaa (Pretend you hear trumpets blowing)

I have just updated all of the Family Reports and added a pile more. You now have 73 to choose from…how’s that for variety?

Please do keep in mind that Bone Collecting is always, always, always a work in progress so don’t expect to see a completed report anywhere. :)

I’m sure you realize, Say-rah, that there is no way your your pure mountain range of info made it into the reports yet either…you do realize that, don’t you? Sure you do. I hope.

Anywho, if any of you still don’t see a report you need, just drop me a line and I’ll try to get what you need out to you. As we say here in “The Creek”…”Ain’t nothing but a thang.”

See ya’

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One Response to “Ta Daaaa (Pretend you hear trumpets blowing)”

  1. Sarah Wheatley Says:

    I’m hurt – after all the work I did. That’s alright, you’re about to get some more to shift through.


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