Pops Report

Pops claims he might have felt a bit better today. Mama is not so sure he felt as much better as he claimed. I think he actually felt better because of the “heart massage” he got today. Allow me to explain…

All three grandsons swooped in and took care of the yard work today. Yep, Pops likes his yard to look nice. He climbed up on his lawn mower last week, after just being out of the hospital a few days, and cut the grass. Needless to say, happiness was not the prevailing sentiment.

Not this time. The Boys to the rescue! They did let him play “Overseer” but that was about the extent of it. He was fine with that role as well given the pain he has been in with his legs. The Boys did a great job and Pops was so pleased with them and his yard. I’m so proud of you guys for taking care of your Grandpa!


Pops sees the surgeon at 11:00 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. I’ll update you all as soon as I know anything. Let’s pray him well!!

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