Well, Pops saw the surgeon and I don’t get it. The surgeon still believes the gall bladder needs to come out but he wants to run a couple of more tests first. Um, why? They will be run next Monday and he will see the surgeon again on the following Friday.

As for his legs, the surgeon says Pops may be right in his theory about the statins but he doesn’t know since, of course, this is not his area of expertise. Oh, and guess what? Apparently, there is no femoral hernia. I know, I know…I’m stumped too.

Now, I know I only got my MD from the Discovery Health Channel, but methinks there is still something very wrong with Pops’ legs and I am not so sure it has anything to do with statins. You see, when Cousin Barbara and I came off statins, the pain in our legs cleared up almost immediately. Such has not been the case with Pops. Good Lord, he had to put on his socks in stages this morning…that is not a good thing! He thinks his leg pain is taking longer to clear up because he has been on the statins much longer than we were. I don’t know…maybe there is some merit to that thinking. I just don’t want him to hurt anymore. His pain is pretty much constant and enough is enough already.

He is scheduled to see his personal physician but not until the end of the month and he doesn’t want to go any sooner and deal with the legs issue because he wants to get the gall bladder taken care of first. Can we say “stubborn”?

So, that’s where we are as of today. Are you scratching your head? I know I am.

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