Pops has a Diagnosis

His personal Doc says the culprit is Proximal Neuropathy…a complication of diabetes. Even so, he does not present as a typical patient (imagine that). Given his history and the excellent manner of care he affords himself both physically, and nutritionally, this should not have reared its ugly head…but it did. So, now we deal with it.

There is no cure for the nerve damage caused by this ugliness but the symptoms can be managed and, in some cases, alleviated altogether. That’s what we are shooting for…the “alleviated altogether” part.

So, we will play with medications and combinations of medications until we find what works best for him and we will pray and ask that you continue to pray for we all know and understand that God is bigger and mightier than all of this…and we all know and understand that God loves Pops and that He has plans for Pops…plans for good and not evil, plans to prosper him and not harm him, to give him hope and a future. We all know and understand this, and we all will continue to pray Pops well.

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