Be Gone, I Say! Be Gone!

I have a very intimate relationship with my clock radio alarm. Very intimate. I know just the right buttons to push. I know just how to make it hum. Very intimate. What do I love most about my clock radio alarm? Oh, I would have to say it is the curve of the Snooze Button. Oh My! So tantalizing.

I love my clock radio alarm. Usually. We had a fight this morning. It was ugly. I slapped it. Repeatedly. I will be filing for divorce later this afternoon.

Stinking clock radio.

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6 Responses to “Be Gone, I Say! Be Gone!”

  1. Scott Welch Says:

    I found your blog through the Roots Web Page. Yes, I think we might be kin. I am interested in finding out some info on Sallie Jane Byrd who was married to Paul Hampton Langdon. Sallie Janes brother, Troy, was my great grandfather. I am attempting to trace my family heritage and this is the only line I have gotten anywhere with. I have traced back two generations prior to Troy Pinkney Byrd (George Washington Byrd and Sutton Byrd) and was wondering if you had any more info that I would find helpful. Great blog!

    Scott Welch

  2. Scott Welch Says:

    I meant Sallie Jane’s father…oops…it’s late…

  3. SilverBlue Says:

    Please keep us informed on how Pops is doing; his date is Monday, no?

  4. bonecollector » Blog Archive » Byrd Watchers Says:

    [...] Watcher”? I’m speaking in the genealogical sense, of course. We have an inquiry in the comments section a few posts back from Mr. Scott Welch concerning Sallie Byrd Langdon and the Sutton Byrd line of [...]

  5. Vicky welch Says:

    Sallie Byrd was my aunt. I met her . I remember my mother, Mary Lois Byrd, talking about Sally & Paul. Another note: the list of children under Troy & Lettie Byrd are missing 2, my nother, Mary Lois, and 1 other sibling. I’m not sure if that child was male or female. Don’t know their name but I will try to find out. My mom always told me that there were 8 children. Then when my grandather remarried, he had 2 more children. Troy Jr. & Shelby Jean. Troy Jr. is still alive but Shelby Jean is deceased.

  6. bonecollector » Blog Archive » Home Again! Says:

    [...] from a couple of folks while I was gone. From the Byrd line, Nancy left this comment to tag on to Scott’s earlier comment. We will definitely be working to flesh out this line. [...]

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