Ow, Ow, Owww, OUCH!

There is nothing that I have that does not hurt. NOTHING! All three of the girls got a bath yesterday. At home. A la me. All three. Yippee. Yahoo.

Seriously, once they are in the tub, they really aren’t that bad. In fact, they seem to rather enjoy the spa treatment. Me, on the other hand? Not so much. Let’s see…hmmm…what’s not such fun?

*The bending

*The lifting into the tub

*The constant up and down and various half positions during the bathing itself

*The inevitable all out, completely wet, shake water into the far reaches of the universe…twice.

*Now I look like I took a bath too…not a very successful one either

*More bending

*More lifting…only now the little girl weighs A LOT more since she is very, VERY wet.

*Another universally drenching shake that ends at the tip of the tail. How do they do that?

*The walls are dripping. Oh joy.

*A feeble attempt with a towel (okay, towels) to dry the super soaked little girl…not so successful…Mollie sits still as a statue, totally uncooperative…Libby lays down and swaddles herself in the towels…Sophie plays keep away while slipping and sliding all over the bathroom floor.

*I give up on the drying idea and open the bathroom door. The wet little girl shoots out of the room like a bullet and heads full tilt through the house. Again, joy.

*I let the tiny one out the back door and she takes off into the yard to run laps with her sisters. I think it’s great as she will dry off quicker now since it is at least 134 degrees outside. Before I turn to go back in the house, I catch a glimpse of the freshly bathed pup…rolling in the dirt under the tree…ugh.

*Now, multiply all of the above by 3. Yeah. Like I said. Ow! I need a massage.

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