Byrd Watchers

Are you a “Byrd Watcher”? I’m speaking in the genealogical sense, of course. We have an inquiry in the comments section a few posts back from Mr. Scott Welch concerning Sallie Byrd Langdon and the Sutton Byrd line of Byrd’s. Click the links and see if you can help.

By the way, clicking Scott’s name will take you to his blog…Our Sovereign Joy (well now you can click here too) and he has been added to the list of Bone Newcomers (Fresh on the Bone) over there on the sidebar.

Question of my own for you Scott. Are you saying, and do you have proof, that Washington Byrd (son of Sutton & Margaret “Peggy” Johnson Byrd) is the same person as George Washington Byrd (husband of Harriet Beasley Byrd & father of Troy Pinkney Byrd)?

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2 Responses to “Byrd Watchers”

  1. Scott Welch Says:

    I ran accross to names, too. My family is horrible at keeping records. It seems from the sites that I have checked that this is the line, but man I can’t be absolutely sure. I guess that’s why I am pursuing this. I know for sure that Troy Pinkney Byrd was my great-grandfather, my mom assured me of this because she knew exactly where he was buried and it matched the records on the website. Also, this site lists all of Troy Byrds children except one, my grandmother, who died in 2005. She was Mary Lois Byrd. However, it may not show up on the records because this was not her birth name. Her name was changed later. My mom is researching to find out the original name.

  2. Scott Welch Says:

    I found this…if it is accurate, then they are the same person…and George W. Byrd married a pair of sisters:

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