Surgery went great! They were able to do it Laparoscopic, so we are very pleased with that. He was still pretty doped up but he came out of recovery telling everybody “It’s a boy”. My sister even blew up a rubber glove and wrote “It’s a Boy” on it and hung it from his IV pole. We are a strange family.

The surgeon said that things are looking so good that, as long as Pops is able to keep some food down and get up and walk some, he can go home this evening. Wow! Pretty amazing, huh?

We did want to clear some things up so we asked the Doc point blank and right in front of Pops…

1. Is it alright for him to cut his grass Thursday? (Yes, folks. Pops was adamant that he was going to cut his grass Thursday).

Answer: No

2. When can he drive? (Pops was adamant that he would be driving to Carolina this coming Friday…the Parrish Reunion is Saturday).

Answer: Not for at least a week…maybe longer (Mama’s driving).

3. When can he play golf? (Pops was holding his breath for this one).

Answer: Not for at least 3 to 4 weeks. (Pops was crestfallen…awwww)

Poor little fella. One day he will have to learn that even he has limits. Yeah, right.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. We are all so very grateful.

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