Home Again!

I’m back home safely…Thank you Jesus. It was a good time but WOW was it hot down there! I will be heading back for the Mason Reunion in about a month and I sure do hope the weather has broken by then. Maybe then I will be able to get some “Cemetery Hoppin’” done.

Heard from a couple of folks while I was gone. From the Byrd line, Nancy left this comment to tag on to Scott’s earlier comment. We will definitely be working to flesh out this line. Help us out, if you can.

Juli, I heard from your niece, Jacqueline, this weekend as well. How’s that for a “small world”? She wanted to know how she and I are related… :D Once I spelled out the elevendy million different ways and the fact that you and I have been “bone collecting” for years now, she got quite a kick out of it. I love this stuff.

Got to go play with the puppies. More later.

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