A Duck is a Duck is a Duck

Just a word to the less than business wise here. When you want me to choose you to spend my hard earned money on (okay, so maybe it’s not so “hard earned” really) for supplemental insurance, maybe…just maybe…you should put in a few extra minutes at the creative juices bar to come up with an appropriate e-mail address for your business communications.

Come now, Scooter. Do you really think I’m gonna buy insurance, or anything else for that matter, from a guy who has the lack of good sense to use “batmanhead” for his business e-mail?

I kid you not. Batmanhead wants us all to buy insurance from him so badly that he has somehow conned someone in the city into attaching his little fluorescent pink flyer to our paychecks offering us his “duckly” services…if you get my “quack”. All we have to do is drop him an e-mail at his most prestigious address…you know…batmanhead@whatever domain…pick one. I’m sure someone will reply and will probably be willing to sell you something. How ducky!

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