…For the Things God Has Done (con’t)

So, here’s how it went. I think a bulleted form will be easier to follow.

1. A few months ago, I received an e-mail from a lady (we’ll call her “Daddy’s Little Girl”) looking for some help with researching her biological father’s family from the Johnston County, North Carolina area. Apparently, her real father (we’ll call him “Mr. C”) died in an accidental drowning when she was only three months old.

2. “Daddy’s Little Girl” only learned of “Mr. C” when she was in her early teens. Until then, she believed the man who she had always known as her father was her “real” father (we’ll call this man “Mr. Saint”).

3. After “Mr. C’s” tragic death, “Mr. Saint” married “Mr. C’s” widow and took in all five (yes, all five) of “Mr. C’s” children and raised them as his own. Hence, the name, “Mr. Saint”. It was only after the youngest, “Daddy’s Little Girl”, was old enough to really understand that their mother told them about their real father and his untimely death.

4. “Daddy’s Little Girl” never knew any of “Mr. C’s” people and wanted to try to find out what she could about them. I agreed to help. I was able to uncover a good little bit of information on the family dating back to the mid 1800’s. From what I could gather, “Mr. C” only had one remaining living sibling, a sister, but I had no leads at all on whom she may have married or where she may have gone. I sent everything I found to “Daddy’s Little Girl”, gave her a few ideas on possible places to check for leads on the sister (her aunt), and wished her luck…promising, of course, to continue searching as well.

5. Last night I received an e-mail from a lady in Charleston, South Carolina. She had just run across wemightbekin the night before and was bowled over with all of the information she was finding there. :D Anywho, “Charleston” goes on to tell me about an old cemetery she had just visited in Johnston County last month while looking for her great-great-grandmother’s grave. The e-mail was rather lengthy and chocked full of great info about her “bonecollecting” and the line she has been researching for years. She was so kind as to include four wonderful photographs she took of headstones in that cemetery that relate to that line.

6. I scanned down the e-mail to the list of attachments and absolutely lost my breath. Lost. My. Breath.

7. Attachment #2 was a fabulous shot of “Mr. C’s” headstone! Oh. My. God.

8. I shot up out of my chair and sent it hurtling backwards across the floor as I yelled up to the Heavens, “You did it again, didn’t you? I love it when you do this stuff!” There I was…laughing and yelling and goose bumps popping up all over me…I had to be a sight to see. I guess it was a good thing the pups were outside at the time.

9. I immediately sent an e-mail out to “Daddy’s Little Girl” asking her to call me at home but not giving her any details. I also tracked down a phone number for her brother in Angier and left a message for her on his voice mail as well. Then, I waited.

10. She called less than an hour later and, let me tell you, God got ALL of the glory! She was so very excited. She remembered her mother taking them all to the little tucked away family cemetery when they were first told about “Mr. C” but he didn’t have a headstone then because of financial reasons. She had never been back and did not even know that a stone had since been placed there. “Mr. C” left this world 46 years ago and last night it felt like he was reunited with his little girl.

How cool is that?

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3 Responses to “…For the Things God Has Done (con’t)”

  1. Juli Says:

    That is way TOO cool!

  2. wemightbekin Says:

    Isn’t it though? I love it!!

  3. Cousin Say-rah Says:

    Dancing on the ceiling. were ya?? I understand the JOY of making a connection!!!!

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