Red Hotdogs

null I absolutely must tell you about the best hotdogs in the whole world! Why now? I had some for dinner last night and was amazed yet again at how good they are! Oh my.

Bright Leaf Franks are made by Carolina Packers and unsurpassed in the world of hotdogs. Oh my goodness!! I kid you not.

I grew up referring to them as “red hotdogs” and we always got excited when we had them for dinner. It was and still is a real treat, especially since we can’t get them here in Virginia. Rest assured though, a trip to McLamb’s Abattoir on Benson-Hardee Road in Johnston County, is on the agenda when anyone makes a trip to Carolina. As a matter of fact…I do believe it is nearing the time for me to replenish my supply. :D

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