You All Matter to Me

My best friend in all of this world is Georgia On My Mind. Her mother passed away this past Friday night. I ache for her. She was with her mother while she transcended from this world to the next. For that, I am so deeply and eternally grateful. I could not be with Georgia On My Mind in the flesh but I know she felt me with her in the spirit. We are never far apart…true Soul Sisters never are. I love her and I hope I never miss a chance to tell her.

There has been so much loss and sorrow in my little corner of the universe this year that it would almost be very easy to be swallowed up in the overwhelming misery and begin to feel as if a near drowning was about to occur. Instead, I think it might have taught me a most valuable lesson. Allow me a moment to share.

Grieve, for we must mourn those whom we have loved so dearly and whose presence will leave a hollow too vast to ever truly be filled, but be very careful to celebrate as well. Be very careful to honor and keep every single individual in your world who gives you cause to pause for even one moment of optimism and possibility.

If you love someone even one little bit, for any reason at all, tell them, show them, let them know…now, today, while you still can and they still can. Don’t ever let the opportunity to touch a moment in someone’s life pass you by.

Not ever.

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