Jigglin’ With The Twinklers

Last night as I sat and watched one of my favorite shows, who knew I would need a zap from a defribrillator to restart my heart? Oh my goodness! When Marie collapsed and I realized this was live TV, I was petrified! Of course, then I got really, really angry when they kept showing what seemed like an eternal, infernal, plethora of commercials rathering than showing me, the voyeur, what was happening to Marie. Oh the gaul!

Still, I’m glad she’s alright but she scared me pretty good. Whew.

Now…on to the critique.

The top two for me were Jane & Tony and Sabrina & Mark. Can you believe Jane’s body? Good Lord! The woman is 56 years old! Can you imagine? Her dancing is simply gorgeous.

The bottom two, in my most humble opinion, were Mark & Kym and Jennie & Derek. Mark is just totally and completely out of his league and it’s time to go home now. Jennie was just too stiff and self-conscious. She may be next to go.

My pick for the encore? Sabrina & Mark. I almost needed a cold shower after their ruoutine. Can you say, “Hot”? She is still my pick to go all the way. The kid is awesome.

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