The Chase Was On!!

I was trying to save time. You know, cut corners. Brilliant, I thought. Not so much. Let me tell you all about it.

Libby had a follow-up appointment at the vet on Friday. As I pulled into the driveway, I got the wonderfully brilliant, not so bright idea to get her out of the backyard rather than going through the house and having to deal with the hassle of deactivating the alarm and bringing her in through the back door without letting her sisters in as well.

Of course I would then have to reactivate the alarm, head back out the front door, and lock everything back up. Yeah, getting her straight from the backyard sounded like a much better idea. Apparently, I wasn’t listening very closely.

As I tried to extract the lovely Libby from the narrow opening I had allowed in the gate from the backyard, Sophie continually blocked Libby’s attempts to come to Mommy and instead attempted her own exit from the yard. On the fifth or sixth go at it, Sophie was successful on exiting the yard as Libby ran for the safety of the porch and Mollie simply watched in confused wonder.

Luckily, I grabbed hold of Sophie’s collar as she exited the yard. I sternly and in no uncertain terms ordered her to return to the yard. She promptly sat down in a show of defiance and refused to move.

Well now.

I put my face directly in her face and said through clenched teeth that she had better get back in that yard…I then began to pull her by the collar toward the gate…however…as I began to pull toward the gate, she decided to pull away from the gate…and…yep…the collar came off in my hand. She looked up at me with a big pup grin on her face and…

…the chase was on!

An hour and a half later, with the help of a team of neighborhood kids, I finally got her back. Oh, she had a ball. Visited all kinds of folks. Played with all sorts of things. Ran in and out of the street…busy street…many cars, trucks, things that would squish her…I threw myself in front of one of said vehicles to keep it from squishing her…she had no clue…she was on an adventure…sorry Mr. Vehicle Driver but I couldn’t let you hit my kid…I figured you might think twice before you would hit me…it was a chance I was willing to take.

Pops asked me later that night if I beat her when I got her home. No, I didn’t beat her. I didn’t punish her either because she wouldn’t have understood. She thought she was on an adventure.

I was just so thankful she was home and my family was still in one piece. I’m glad she still gets to be Sophie and I still get to be her Mom.

By the way, Libby made it to her appointment and everything was fine.

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