All Fingers of Blame Point to Deb in Pensacola

Oh yes they do too! You, Miss Thing, kept after me to give up my boycott and watch the Twinklers. So, tonight I relented and what happened? A big bunch of CRAP happened. That’s what happened. No Cheetah Girl and apparently no Spice Girl either. Looks like a male dominance ploy to me! What a farce!

Harumph! Now I’m mad all over again…no, I think I’m even madder than I was before. I’m going to bed now to dream evil dreams. Shame on you Deb. Cousin or no cousin…shame, shame, shame.

Now I’ve stayed up way past my bedtime so I’m pretty sure that means that I’m fixing to turn into a gourd of some sort so I’ve really gotta go now. How wonderful…crappy finale and unknown gourds…yeehaw!


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One Response to “All Fingers of Blame Point to Deb in Pensacola”

  1. Deb 2 Says:

    lol………………… you crack me up !
    I hope you live through this. omg rofl
    anyways you need to fix my site I messed it up so bad I am new to this one acest. com thing.
    You know you have a myspace too silly snoty turky what ever you are

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