Bon Voyage

You know that old saying, “When it rains, it pours”? Well, launch the ark Noah…it’s time to set sail! My phone rang at 7:40 this morning (as in a.m.). I remember thinking hmmm, this can’t be good. I wasn’t wrong.

My sweet, darling Great Aunt Lillian had taken a nasty fall in her kitchen and had been rushed by ambulance to the emergency room. She is 83 years young. I flew like the wind to the hospital. Turns out she broke her back and had to be admitted. The doc told us it is a compressed fracture to the L1 lumbar and, although very painful, it will not require surgery. She will need bed rest and pain management. It could have been so much worse…it wasn’t…we can be thankful for that.


I called my Uncle Curtis to let him know and he let me know that his wife (Aunt Jean) fell last night and broke her leg. Yep. Both bones. Slap through. Merry Christmas. The leg is currently splinted and they will see an orthopedist tomorrow to determine what happens next…in the way of surgery or whatever.


I spoke with the Great Prophetess Helen and she advised me that my cousin, Janice Langdon Parrish, wife of Dwight Parrish, lost her father, Ernis Harmon Langdon on Saturday. He had been quite ill but still…geez.

The water is rising…tread lightly.

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