This is Great!

Blatantly stolen from Below the Eight, who blatantly stole it herself!!

Can’t seem to keep your resolutions? How about making “Anti-Goals” instead? Things you intend NOT to do. How cool is that?

My Anti-Goals for 2008

1. Paint my house a wonderfully fluorescent glorious shade of pink.

2. Get up at 4:30 a.m. every morning and run five miles before going to work.

3. Write The Complete Authorized Biography of Paul Harvey (with illustrations).

4. Start a rescue for feral cats.

5. Buy a Yugo…with real American money.

6. Enroll the pups in ballet classes…then join and go with them.

7. Find Jimmy Hoffa.

8. Replace all of my silverware with wooden spoons. {You really have to know me to get this}

9. Sing God Save the Queen on a bridge over the river Kwai while riding a camel backwards.

10. Use semicolons everyday in as many documents as possible…since they are so very useful.

Okay, your turn!!

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