Brotherly Love? Naaahhhhh

Here’s a little of what I like to call “Sisterly Love”.

Now, mind you, they do have three beds so this really isn’t necessary…or maybe it really is… :D

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2 Responses to “Brotherly Love? Naaahhhhh”

  1. Betsy Says:

    They are so adorable! I just found your email again. I was the one who adopted Libby’s brother. He’s a cuddler too, if he can’t find someone to snuggle with, then he arranges the pillows on our couch or bed. I hope you don’t mind me posting pictures.

  2. wemightbekin Says:

    Hey Girl!!! I would love photos of your boy and I will put them right up here for you, I promise. Just e-mail them to me at I can’t wait to see them. :D

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