Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Absolutely deserving of the perfect score they received! I loved it and I smiled so much all the way through it that my cheeks still hurt today. Great job. These two are my pick to go all the way. Fingers crossed.

Sadly, I think Marlee will be heading home tonight. She gave it a good run and did an incredible job of proving to the world that, once again, a disability doesn’t have to keep you from doing the things you want to do. What a truly graceful and magnificent individual. I am in awe.

By the way, are you so glad Priscilla Press-On is gone? Good lord, was it just me or did it gross you out a bit too watching her trying to be all sexy with a guy young enough to be her grandson? Yuck, yuck, phhfft, phhfftt. Go ahead and admit it…You know when she did the splits, it freaked your happy hips out. Just like me you thought her legs were gonna get stuck like that and when Louie picked her back up they would still be sticking straight out in the air. You know you did!. Well, I can admit it. I absolutely did. :D


Note to Mario: Dude, do you really want to singlehandedly be the reason Dancing with the Stars gets an “R” rating and kicked off network television? You might have even come close to a soft porn rating there last night a time or two. Howzabout toning it down about 27 notches huh? Come on now, you even told your little tiny brother to watch…that’s just not cool at all. Thumbs down to you. I have no choice but to give you the chicken…

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