Parents of the Year

John and Laurie Sittley of Chesterfield, South Carolina

So says The Bone. Why? Because they had the guts to turn their kid in for buying bomb making material and planning to blow up his school and everyone in it…including himself…no great loss there. The kid’s name? Doesn’t matter. He wanted to be famous for it. The Bone isn’t gonna help him.

John and Laurie Sittley however deserve accolades upon accolades, a ticker tape parade, a gajillion million dollar award, at the very least. I mean it. If they hadn’t discovered the plot and turned him in…if he had gone through with his despicable plan, everyone everywhere would be asking the same question…

“Where were his parents?”

So let me ask this question now. Where are all those people now? Huh? Why aren’t they fawning all over the Sittleys right this minute, telling them how awesome they are and what a wonderful and amazing thing they did? I mean if things had gone the other way you can bet they would be all over them wanting to know why they didn’t know their kid was so messed up. Look at the aftermath of Columbine and Virginia Tech.

Hey Sittleys…The Bone noticed. You guys are so courageous and I, for one, bow to your greatness. What you did had to be about the hardest thing you have ever had to do but your decision very probably saved a great many lives…including your son’s. I applaud you.

May God bless you both and bring you peace.

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