Hey Ya’ll

Hello, Children of The Bone! Yes my lovelies, it is really me. I know it seems as if I had buried The Bone and forgotten where I put it but, rest assured, such is not the case. I meant to take only a short break which somehow became an extended hiatus. My apologies.

Still, I have returned…hopefully a bit refreshed and better able to handle my time management skills. Things at Smurf Village have been outrageously busy for my office with our new Papa Smurf on board and, by the time my chocked – full day is over, I am absolutely beat and not wanting to do much more than collapse on the couch and try to watch my soapies on TiVo (usually through closed eyes).

Don’t misunderstand me here now. Papa Smurf is wonderful and I love the things he is doing even if it does keep me and my Smurf suit hopping. All of this is a good thing and I will get you folks and the rest of my Bonecollecting into the swing of my new routine. Just bear with me, please.

Now, a lot has happened during our time apart and, I want to share, but obviously not all of it at once. So, I’ll be throwing stuff out here and there that I’ve been up to, seen, heard, or thought about. Check back…it should be interesting!

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One Response to “Hey Ya’ll”

  1. Jill Says:

    Glad you’re back! Rest assured, things at Smurf Village will soon fall into place and smooth out. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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