Soap Sweeps

Just so we are perfectly clear here…I am a soapaholic. Yes, I love the soapies and TiVo my 3 favorites everyday…Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. Sometimes I like one more than the others but that is always subject to change.

A big deal in the world of soaps is that time period known as “sweeps” when the various shows try to boost viewership with big, and sometimes outrageous, stories. Right now, One Live to Live is far and away the better show with General Hospital running a close second. Days of Our Lives is on life support as far as I’m concerned and not expected to live.

One Life’s handling of the death of Duke Buchanan has been an absolute work of art. Dan Gauthier (Kevin) and Heather Tom (Kelly) have given amazingly gut-wrenching performances and left me in tears more than once. Yes, I do cry and sometimes even bawl over my soapies.

If these two fantastic actors don’t come away with emmy nominations after this, there is no justice.

I also have to tip my hat to Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Steve Burton (Jason) of General Hospital. Their handling of Sam’s shooting and subsequent surgeries, as well as the revelation of Alexis being Sam’s mother, has been riveting. They are indeed a Super Couple. Kelly Monaco, I do believe, is my favorite daytime actress. That girl is good!

Apparently, someone forgot to tell Days of Our Lives that they are in the middle of “sweeps”. What a snoozer. Thank God for the fast forward button.

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