Nope, Didn’t Like It

The Twinklers upset me last night and, yes, they made me a little nervous too. I thought I might have to boycott again already!

Now I know Clorox Bleachman Cloris Leachman is a veteran celebrity and all that but you have to admit she is also quite the mouth! Good Lord, that woman can be a bit caustic when she wants to be and it seems she wants to be quite often. Also, while an obvious sentimental favorite, she is not up to par with the remaining dancers and should not be allowed to stay while more deserving dancers are voted off in her place. If we are being honest, we have to admit that really isn’t fair.

I was not at all a fan of Ted “I’m a Man’s Man” McGinley but, come on, he absolutely deserved another week more than Clorox did. That just wasn’t right.

I also felt so bad for Toni Braxton. She looked absolutely terrified being one of the last two and waiting to find out whether or not she had been voted off. It gets so easy to forget that celebrities are still human beings just like the rest of us and rejection is as painful for them as it is for us. If you think about it, it’s almost as if they are waiting to see who gets picked last for the kickball team but they’re doing it on national TV and it is completely based on their performance in a genre that is almost totally foreign to them. To me it makes them more real…more down to earth…more breakable.

So, Clorox, The Bone thinks you need to do the right thing and bow out GRACEFULLY before someone else gets the boot in your place. Oh, and is it just me or did it seem like Erica Kane must have bought out Pine Valley’s entire supply of Glucosamine? She suddenly wasn’t so rickety anymore!

***Don’t forget the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy tonight. Looks like they are going to live up to their usual greatness. I can’t wait! Grey skies are here again! :D

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