Okay, I’ve got a hold of my boot straps and I’m pulling. Thanks for the words of encouragement Jill and Lachlan. It really meant alot. Pity, party of one, your table’s ready! Time to get this over with and move on.

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3 Responses to “Time”

  1. Silver Blue Says:

    As long as the table is at either the City Deli (Barbara asked about you on Friday, by the way) or at Carrabba’s, it’s a good thing!

    Hope life looks up for you soonest!

  2. Jill Says:

    You never “get over it”, you just learn to live with it and move forward. Keep looking ahead!

  3. Lachlan Says:

    I agree with Jill; at some point, you accept it as much as loss is ever accepted, and you move forward. Hang in there!

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