Do What?

The Bone had a bit of a head scratching experience last night. You see, I was preparing my laundry for the washing machine when I decided to add some new items I had bought over the weekend. As I was opening the package of step-ins…aka panties, drawers, bloomers…I noticed an arrow on the package and, being ever the inquisitive one, I had to check it out. Hence, the cause of the head scratching.

Tell me, why would there ever, ever be any reason whatsoever to package step-ins in a re-closable bag? I kid you not… re-closable. Is there a reason for this job? At all? Still trying to figure this one out.

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2 Responses to “Do What?”

  1. Jill Says:

    I have not heard the term “step-ins” for many years! I could hear my grandmother saying it as I read your entry and it brought a warm smile to my face. As for the re-closable bag they came in—-I’m truly at a loss! Thanks for the warm and fuzzy feeling.

  2. wemightbekin Says:

    My pleasure, Jill. I still remember the first time I heard my grandmother use the term.

    We were hanging wash out on the line when she asked me to hand her “those step-ins”. After she stopped laughing over the priceless look of loss and confusion on my face, she said, “To be sure you know what step-ins are!”

    My reply? “Who’s Tubby Shure?”

    I thought she was going to have a pure stroke before she ever stopped laughing…I love that memory…and I miss my grandmother. What a great time that was.

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