Oh Now, Looky Here…

Look what we got for Christmas!

Addison Grace Elizabeth Marable was born at 9:15 am on Christmas Eve to The Kid and Baby Boy thus officially making me Aunt Deb The Great! How cool is that?

This is a shot of Mother & Daughter. The hand on Addison’s head is my Mama’s.

This one is Addison with her Grandmother (my sister Brenda). She’s Brenda’s first grandchild.

And now with her Great Grandmama (my Mother). Mama’s first great grandchild too.

Plus one of all three of them. Steph wasn’t allowing any shots of her just yet. Can’t blame her there. Keep an eye out here for more to come of our little addition!

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One Response to “Oh Now, Looky Here…”

  1. Stephanie aka barbara jean!! Says:

    I LOOOOVE YOU!! and so does addi G!! XOXO

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