Worthless Paper

I am not a fan of the newspaper…especially our paper here. Why? Well, check this out…

This is a shot of the front page of the online edition of our paper from this afternoon. Notice the area I have circled in yellow? Let me help you. It says, “2:08pm – Porttsmouth hatching slaying case heading to grand jury”.

Um huh. First of all, the city is Portsmouth, as in the mouth of the port. Only one “t” needed really. Secondly, it was a “hatchet” slaying case. Portsmouth (one “t” or two) really wasn’t hatching a slaying case at all see? Nor were they heading to the grand jury apparently to off them all.

Yeah, I’ve never been impressed with newspapers much at all and ours has just added another nail to its coffin. Bad paper. Bad, bad paper.

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