Taken? Okay, You Can Keep It

Saw the movie Taken last night. Wasn’t too impressed really. I am a Liam Neeson fan. Always have been. But he just didn’t really do it for me in this movie.

It started r e a l l y slow and when it finally got moving it was extremely chaotic at points. I guess with all the hype and the previews I was just expecting better than I saw. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe not.

Anyway, The Bone gives it a mere 3 out of 5 bones. Sorry Liam.

Now, I saw Gran Torino last week and that was an awesome movie…Clint Eastwood in all his glory! You do have to watch it with an open mind though and not be easily offended as he is most definitely offensive to EVERYONE. Totally enjoyed that one and the ending took me by surprise.

The Bone says this one is a “must see” and gives it 4.5 out of 5 bones.

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