A Little of the Drama


For some odd and heretofore still unknown reason, when Family Tree Maker exploded, it also decided to grab an inordinate (read that as a great whole bunch) of married folks


and divorce them all in 1987.


Then it decided to remarry them all on April 17th, 1992.


Seriously. I’m not kidding. It didn’t even matter if they had already been dead for 150 years. They got divorced in 1987 and remarried on April 17, 1992.

Sooooo, guess what I’ve been doing ever since I discovered the wonder of the fantastic, all encompassing, impressive beyond belief Roots Magic…Yep!! I have pretty much become a “one stop has it all” Justice of the Peace!

Anybody seen my sanity lately???


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One Response to “A Little of the Drama”

  1. Jill Says:

    Oh crap. More patience is called for—grasshopper.

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