Since before the beginning of time, my path in life has been laid out for me…the plans set. Of course, God also knew all along I wouldn’t stick to the plan. He knew I’d get off the path. He knew all of us would…that whole “free will” thing you know. Kind of makes it all inevitable really. The good part is that He made allowances for that…a sort of failsafe if you will.

When I’m toodling down the road going wherever it is I’m going, sometimes my little GPS (Sylvia) dings at me and says, “A better route is available”. Now, I have a decision to make. I can either ignore Sylvia…which happens more often than not…or I can take her advice and check out just where it is she wants to take me…go a way I’ve never been before…try a different way…take a leap of faith into the unknown.

I think God does that with us when we are toodling down the pathways of life too. Of course we get off the path He meant for us to be on…that’s no surprise. He recalculates, dings, and offers us a better route. Being the arrogant, “we know what’s best for us” beings He made us to be, we usually ignore the first few dings and keep going our merry little way getting further and further from where we really ought to be. Good ole free will. Luckily, God still goes with us even if it isn’t His choice for us.

After a while of making a mess of things and making the same mistakes over and over again, we finally get to the point where we are actually waiting and listening for the ding because this time we’re gonna take it no matter what! We are tired of the turmoil, the strife, the stress, there has to be a better way. Okay God, I’m ready now. Where are you? Come on now. Tell me what to do. Hello?

Oh. Forgot all about that whole “Patience is a virtue” thing, huh? Yep. God is not an “On Demand” kind of Supreme Being. Not so much. It’s not all about who screams the loudest or talks the prettiest. We are still in free will mode. Yippee Yahoo. But hey, He is listening…and He is watching…and He won’t leave us. He’s made that promise and he’s proven it more than once.

So, all we have to do is keep on keeping on…just keep doing the best we can. Listen for wisdom and peace. Be kind and generous. Love each other. God is still speaking and no matter how far off the path and into the woods we may find ourselves, there will be a ding and God will say, “A better route is available”. Will you hear Him? Will you listen? I surely hope and pray that I will. I would hate to miss all that He has laid out and waiting for me just because I was too stubborn to go.

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