Roots Television

Found a really cool site and wanted to share with my fellow BoneCollectors. Check out Roots Television. It is Internet based television and, well, how about if I let them tell you…

“Roots Television™ is by and for avid genealogists and family history lovers of all stripes. Whether you’re an archives hound, a scrapbooker, a cousin collector, a roots-travel enthusiast, a Civil War re-enactor, a DNA fan, a reunion instigator, a sepia-toned photos zealot, an Internet-junkie, a history buff, an old country traditions follower, a cemetery devotee, a story-teller, a multicultural food aficionado, a flea market and antiques fanatic, a family documentarian, a nostalgia nut, or a mystery-solver, Roots Television™ has something for you — and that “something” is quality programming.”

They have 21 channels and tons of info that should be able to peak the interest of any genealogist anywhere. I only dabbled a couple of minutes and was greatly impressed. Perhaps you can tell by that great ol’ long banner I now have running down the sidebar of this blog! :D


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