My Smurfiversary

Yes Lovelies, today is May Day, but today is so much more than that…today marks my Silver Anniversary with the CPD…my 25 year mark as a Smurf…my Smurfiversary!


Yeah me!!

Would that I could retire…sigh…but no… :( Our silly Commonwealth has a silly rule that you not only have to have a minimum of 25 years of service but you also have to be 50 years old. Well. That’s a problem. You see, most of us are not 50 after 25 years. Do the math. Start at 21 (or 22 for me), do 25 years, notice you’re not 50, hunker down for a couple more years.

Oh well. All I can say is, when that calendar rolls around to 50 for me, the path best be cleared or there shall be footprints left on any folks standing twixt me and the door! :)

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