A Genealogy Treasure Chest

I have found what I believe to be a most invaluable tool for genealogical research and I would like to share it with all of you. Believe it or not, it is EBay. For real though. I have actually been using it for quite some time now but some fantastic finds recently have prompted me to share with you.

I have set up a few custom searches within EBay utilizing select keywords…for instance, one search is for Johnston County, NC genealogy…then I subscribed to the searches for e-mail alerts in case anything pops up for sale matching my criteria. Granted, most of the time the e-mails don’t have anything too awfully interesting. BUT, every once in a while there’s that “OH MY GAWD” moment. You know the one. You run across something you never thought you would find…EVER…but there it is…and no one has bid on it yet…muhahahahaha…let the games begin!

I have found amazing things! Family trees written by hand that folks got a hold of in an estate sale and didn’t know what to with…seriously. Rare, hard to find, and out of print books right there staring back at me. Just this past month I found an auction for 38 issues of the Johnston County Genealogical Society Newsletter from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. They are now sitting in my study. Yes they are. I got the whole kit and caboodle for just 58 bucks. Some of these newsletters are over 70 pages long and all of them are chocked full of information. Can you say excited boys and girls?

I also got a hold of 4 volumes of library reference books, two published in 1919 and two published in 1928, that are page after page after page of biographies (and portraits) of leading North Carolina men of the time. Each of these books is well over 500 pages in length. I have already tied several of the gentlemen in the books (I’ve looked through part of two of them) into my tree. Again, way excited!

So, if you don’t already have a custom search or three set up, I suggest you do it right this minute. Why are you still reading this? Click over to EBay and get busy.

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  1. Lori E Says:

    It would break my heart to see family bibles for sale on Ebay so I would spend days trying to locate researchers working on those trees to tell them about it. I finally had to stop due to the time it was taking. I can’t imagine making money off of someone elses family bible.
    Good advice here for a gold mine of genealogy materials.

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