The world got a little crazy these last couple of weeks so I decided to step back and regroup for a bit. I wish I could figure out what has set everything on its ear but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to come up with the answer for that one.

Isn’t it funny how it seems life just chugs along its merry way from day to day with various and sundry bumps and bounces but, usually, nothing too mind-boggingly devastating happens? Then…something changes. A slight shift…an almost unnoticeable curve in the road and the world slips off its axis. Things start happening at a pace you never could have imagined and all you can do is blink hard a couple of times and hang on for dear life.

I wonder how people do it when they find themselves in the middle of surreal situations and they have nothing bigger than themselves to hold onto. Chaos reigned supreme for several hours in my corner of the world just a couple of weeks ago…or at least it seemed that way…but the one thing I never let go of and the one thing I never stopped doing through every last second of it was talking to God…well, more like pleading with him…still, I knew none of us were alone. What we couldn’t see, he could. What we didn’t know, he did. I was terrified. We all were. But what we were not was alone.

We got through it, some worse for wear, but still here on this side of the dirt. The world has changed…is changing still…and I don’t think I really like the path it’s taking. Life is still precious but it seems some folks have either forgotten that or never learned it in the first place.


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT about you.

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