The Eleventh Victim

I simply adore Nancy Grace. I think she’s brash, bodacious, brazen, blatant, and bold. A hot mess! I love her. That’s why I was so excited to read her novel, The Eleventh Victim. Sadly, however, I was most disappointed.


The book just didn’t live up to my Nancy Grace expectations. I think it must have fallen short of a lot of folks’ expectations given that it has received mediocre ratings across the board. Quite frankly, it was just a little bit too ambitious.

Nancy obviously meant for this book to be the introductory platform for the character of high-powered litigator turned psychoanalyst, Hailey Dean. The problem is that she tried to lay too much groundwork and, at times, made the roadmap too hard to follow. There was even one scene a bit too reminiscent of a comic book type superhero with a hidden cache of weaponry. How bizarre.

I felt there were too many storylines, too many plots, and too many twists…both faux and real. While Hailey is supposed to be “Miss Thang” and the reason we will read the next book and the one after that, she misses too much and is way too slow on the uptake to be the cream of the crop we are supposed to believe she is.

I’m sorry Nancy but I wasn’t impressed. If you didn’t the first time, I think you need to listen to your editor and heed her advice. If you did the first time then you need a new editor.

I wish it could be more but The Eleventh Victim gets a very generous 3 out of 5 bones. Not a waste of time but not up to the hype.


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