The Cast of BoneCollector

Some of these folks have been referenced in the hallowed halls of my blog and some have yet to make an appearance but I will attempt to name them all here. More will be added over time.

Mama & Pops – This one shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

The Girls – My babies. My sweethearts. The loves of my life. Sophie, Mollie, and Libby are my three pups and they adore their Mommy.

Serenity on the Lake – This is the name I have given my home. It backs up to a small man-made lake that is lined with trees and teeming with fish and various waterfowl. I love to sit out on my little deck and just listen. Serenity…an absolute necessity in my life. I will not do without it.

The Creek – The heartfelt nickname for the section of our great city in which I live. Those of us blessed enough to live there are quick to own up to being Creekers!

SilverBlue – A GREAT friend and a really gentle spirit. He is a technology guru, a music fanatic, and an awesome photographer. He lives in the Shenandoah Forester with his housemates, Tink and PoloRandy.

Georgia on My Mind – My best friend and absolute sister in God. She is Georgia through and through but currently lives in Florida close to her son and her Grand Man. She is the one person in this world that I could call and say, “I need you” and she would be on the next plane out to me. What a blessing to be her friend.

Aunt JoyceThe Great Prophetess Helen & also The Queen of all Things Both Great and Small…smile…She is my cemetery hopping buddy, along with Aunt Gaynelle, and the one I love to spend time with every summer. She is actually my late Grandmother’s baby sister and a true jewel in my life. I’m so proud we are family.

The Kid (a.k.a. Barbara Jean) – My oldest niece, a nurse, a thorn in my side…just kidding…and the closest thing to a daughter of my own I will probably ever have. We have a blast together. For a better understanding of just what a Barbara Jean is, tune into Reba one night and then pray for me.

Baby Boy – The Kid’s intended husband and my soon to be wonderful nephew-in-law. He’s awesome to her and I wholeheartedly approve.

The Boy – My oldest nephew. He’s a newshound, a kind man, and in search of himself and his path in life. I enjoy him immensely.

Inspector Gadget – My boss. He loves to laugh, enjoys a good practical joke, and keeps lots of toys in the office…hence the Gadget part of his name. He also is addicted to satellite radio, classic mystery movies, and the TV show, The Office.

Lynnie Lou – This one is a little hard to describe right now as things are a bit askew with us. We have been friends for a long time but we are not too good at disagreeing with each other. I guess that could really be a good thing since it means we don’t disagree much but, for right now, we are having a difficult time of it. She lives with SleepKeeper and She Who is Afraid of Yellow Vehicles.

Soul Sister Twin – A good friend at work who has my heart. We have been friends for too many years to count and it is safe to say we will always be friends. Even though she is black and I am white, we refer to each other as “Twin”. I have even been known to lurk through the hallways of work wearing her hair (a wig of course) while she hides in my office. She has to hide…afterall, I am wearing her hair.

Tiny Doctor Saint – My personal physician, a woman who stands only about four feet tall but is a giant among physicians. I have been with her for many, many years and she is very good to me.

Smurf Village – Police Headquarters…My humble place of employment where all of us little people dressed all in blue run around and answer to the head guy in charge (Papa Smurf).

Love Muffin – My pal…used to be my boss…a retired smurf. His wife gave us the nicknames of each other’s “Love Muffin”! Although I have always been interested in genealogy, he is the one that really skyrocketed me into the field and the rest, as they say, is history. Love him to death. Always will.

Sylvia – My Garmin 350…an absolute Godsend…my Silver Sleuth…the Keeper of All Things Directional. I love her. Oh, yes I do! Thank you Sylvia. :D

Jacobi – My next to the youngest Nephew…this is not his real name but what he likes for me to call him. Of course I rename just about everyone I come into contact with and he really liked this one I came up with for him. What a cool guy! Ridiculously funny, unbelievable, naturally talented, self-taught guitar player (he really is amazing), great cook, super intelligent…I could go on and on…but I won’t. I really like this kid and not just because I have to either. Jacobi is an “Old Soul” and I am honored to be his Aunt Deb. By the way, he will never, ever, ever, not in this lifetime or any other, be able to beat me at Jeopardy! Nevahhhhhhh!!

June – My “ittle bister”…while she may be younger than I am, she has had so much more of life thrown at her and has come out on the other side still standing (maybe limping a little but standing nonetheless). I have so much respect for her strength and perseverance. She decided, in her 40′s, to go back to school and just recently became a Registered Nurse. She was even inducted into the National Honor Society. I couldn’t be more proud. I’m the first born…the “ig bister”…but she is quickly becoming my hero.

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