Raymond Parrish

I have been helping this wonderful gentleman, Tommy Anderson, put together the genealogical history of his friend Raymond Parrish. We have worked long and hard to fill in the holes in Raymond’s history and were quite successful. The genealogy was to be Raymond’s 75th birthday present. I received this e-mail from Tommy this morning:


Hi Deb,

I write you with a heavy heart, my friend, Raymond, had a stroke Friday evening and was rushed to the hospital.  He is in the intensive care unit, in a semi-coma, paralyzed on his left side, and he has contracted a hospital infection.  As you remember Sally and I had planned to take him out on his 75th birth day, December 11, 2006 and give him the surprise family genealogy that you and I have been working on for so many weeks.  I did not get a chance to do that and I fear that it may be a long time before he is interested in genealogy, if ever.

Write soon,


I am asking for prayers from all of you for Raymond and for Tommy as well as he prays for his friend. Raymond is the son of Raymond D. Parrish who was the son of Dorsey M. and Zulema Carroll Parrish of Johnston County, NC.  



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    [...] Raymond died February 11, 2007 his funeral will be held 11:00 A.M. Wednesday at St. David’s Episcopal Church, Aylett, Va. Interment will be in the church cemetery. His obituary is in the Richmond Times Dispatch today. [...]

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