Update on Raymond Parrish

I received this e-mail from Tommy just this afternoon:

Hi Deb,

Just a note to bring you up to date on Raymond Parrish’s condition. He is doing slightly better, he is “conscious” but does not recognize Sally or me. We went to the hospital last Saturday and he was in a coma. I left there very distraught because I thought my friend was dying but by Monday he was still alive and slightly improved. I still am cautiously optimistic knowing he could have another stroke. The doctor plans on having him moved to Sheltering Arms Hospital, another hospital adjacent to Memorial, for therapy. He has lost the use of his left side and I can understand the urgency of starting rehab if he lives.

His sister, Shirley, flew here from her home in Fort Myer, Florida last Sunday, she has stayed with him all week, fed him his lunch and just been there for him. I believe she has contributed as much to his recovery as anything else but she will leave Friday and return home. I do not know how he will get along from here forward.  He has, two sons, a daughter and a step-daughter, unfortunately they all work and are not available in the daytime.


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