Mason Family

Aunt Sue has taken a turn for the worse tonight and has once again lost her mental lucidity. She is hallucinating and believes she is somewhere other than where she is and that she has to go home. The family has been by her side however there are now new worries.

Aunt Sue’s oldest son, Terry, has been admitted to the same hospital and is in congestive heart failure. Doctors removed 17 pounds (yes, that is 17) of fluid from around his heart today. He is scheduled to be moved tomorrow to Wake Med and will undergo Angioplasty. The doctors wanted him at Wake Med in case anything else needs to be done since Raleigh Community is not equipped to handle his situation.

Mama talked to Terry by telephone this evening. He says he is okay but obviously his mother is topmost in his thoughts right now. Mama and Pops are heading home Saturday morning. Knowing my Mama, she will not rest easy until she has laid eyes on both Aunt Sue and Terry.

Please continue to pray for this family…my family.


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