Update on Raymond Parrish

December 22nd, 2006

I received this e-mail from Tommy just this afternoon:

Hi Deb,

Just a note to bring you up to date on Raymond Parrish’s condition. He is doing slightly better, he is “conscious” but does not recognize Sally or me. We went to the hospital last Saturday and he was in a coma. I left there very distraught because I thought my friend was dying but by Monday he was still alive and slightly improved. I still am cautiously optimistic knowing he could have another stroke. The doctor plans on having him moved to Sheltering Arms Hospital, another hospital adjacent to Memorial, for therapy. He has lost the use of his left side and I can understand the urgency of starting rehab if he lives.

His sister, Shirley, flew here from her home in Fort Myer, Florida last Sunday, she has stayed with him all week, fed him his lunch and just been there for him. I believe she has contributed as much to his recovery as anything else but she will leave Friday and return home. I do not know how he will get along from here forward.  He has, two sons, a daughter and a step-daughter, unfortunately they all work and are not available in the daytime.


Update on Paula

December 19th, 2006

Although Paula’s surgery lasted longer than expected, it went very well. More tests are being run. She will probably be in the hospital until Thursday.



Paula Parrish Kirby

December 13th, 2006

Prayers are needed for Paula Parrish Kirby, daughter of Melvin and Evelyn Cobb Parrish. She is scheduled to have major surgery on Monday, December 18th. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. I will update you all on her progress.


Raymond Parrish

December 12th, 2006

I have been helping this wonderful gentleman, Tommy Anderson, put together the genealogical history of his friend Raymond Parrish. We have worked long and hard to fill in the holes in Raymond’s history and were quite successful. The genealogy was to be Raymond’s 75th birthday present. I received this e-mail from Tommy this morning:


Hi Deb,

I write you with a heavy heart, my friend, Raymond, had a stroke Friday evening and was rushed to the hospital.  He is in the intensive care unit, in a semi-coma, paralyzed on his left side, and he has contracted a hospital infection.  As you remember Sally and I had planned to take him out on his 75th birth day, December 11, 2006 and give him the surprise family genealogy that you and I have been working on for so many weeks.  I did not get a chance to do that and I fear that it may be a long time before he is interested in genealogy, if ever.

Write soon,


I am asking for prayers from all of you for Raymond and for Tommy as well as he prays for his friend. Raymond is the son of Raymond D. Parrish who was the son of Dorsey M. and Zulema Carroll Parrish of Johnston County, NC.  



Aunt Sue Released

October 16th, 2006

Aunt Sue (Sue McLean Mason) was released from the hospital this morning and is resting comfortably at home. Thank you Jesus.


Update on Aunt Sue

October 13th, 2006

Aunt Sue was admitted last night to Raleigh Community Hospital (rm 407). The chemo was just too strong a dose and she is very weak. They expect to keep her there for the next 4 or 5 days. Please, pray…pray…pray.


Prayers for Aunt Sue

October 8th, 2006

(click the picture to enlarge)

This is my favorite picture of my “Ruby” (Sue McLean Mason to the rest of you). It was taken this past summer at my Uncle Devon’s house in Garner. That’s my nephew-in-law to be, Sean, with her.

After much prayer and soul-searching, Aunt Sue made the decision to have another go at chemo. The doctors have assured her that this will give her more time with us. While that is a wonderful thing, we just pray that this time around won’t be so very rough on her. She had her first dose this past Thursday. Please pray for this remarkable lady.

Marion Benton “M. B.” Pleasant, Jr.

July 12th, 2006

M. B. quietly passed away at home yesterday morning. The viewing will be at Bryan-Lee Funeral Home in Angier, NC tonight. The funeral will be at 1:00 tomorrow at Angier Baptist Church with burial at Montlawn Memorial Park.

Please keep the family in your prayers.

Update on Mama

July 1st, 2006

Mama came home today. She is still in quite a bit of pain but she has good meds and she is definitely able to rest better at home. She has a long recovery ahead of her so please continue to keep her in your prayers.


Mama’s Surgery

June 26th, 2006

Mama’s surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder and take care of several bone spurs has been rescheduled for Friday morning (30th) at 7:30 a.m. She will be at Sentara Leigh Hospital in Virginia Beach and will spend at least one night in-patient.

I’ll keep you all posted.